July 28th, 2007

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Four questions

merle_ made his own mutation of the five questions meme, and he asked me four questions.

1) If you could remove all knowledge of one anime series from your mind and re-experience it for the first time again, which one would you select?
Tough one. Most anime series stand up quite well to repeated viewing, and I can't think of a series that contains a twist so surprising and horrible that knowing about it in advance spoils the whole experience. Perhaps Paranoia Agent comes close to that.
Or, alternatively, I could select a ground-breaking series (at least to me), and re-experience that like I did the first time. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross is an obvious choice there.
If I could opt to not re-experience it again, I would gladly purge Avenger from my memory. What a steaming pile of crap that was.

2) Do you prefer living in the Netherlands to other EU countries, and if so (or if not) are there particular geo/political factors that cause that?
I quite like it here. But one of the main drawbacks of the Netherlands is that it is very, very full. There are few open spaces left -- and if you go to a nature preserve for a walk, odds are that you will meet lots of people there too. A place like Denmark has much more space, but it seems to me that the Danish have a collective inferiority complex.
I don't think I'd have problems living anywhere within the EU -- every place has its own problems.
Iceland isn't EU, but I'd like to see if I could live there for a year, as an experiment.

3) Given the opportunity to take any job, regardless of qualifications or background, what would you choose?
Would I be able to make a living in that job? Getting a job is one thing -- keeping it is another.
If I had been smarter (or less lazy), I would have studied theoretical computer science. Combining that with an insight into search engines could make for really interesting, PageRank-like things.
On the other hand, I would love to have my own electronics workshop, where I could make small and cool devices on order. An electronics artisan, if you will.

4) If there were one unit of measurement you could change and force everyone in the world to adopt, what would it be?
Well, it goes without saying that everyone should adopt the metrics scale. I mean, geez people, get with the program!
I'd like to invent a measure of how much effort it takes to realise some functionality in software, and force everyone to use it. People often don't have a clue just what it means what they are asking for, and I'd love to be able to reply: "Well, that will take twenty progsecs!"

As always, you can ask me for your questions in the comments.
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