July 20th, 2007


Vierdaagse vrijdag

I feel for the walkers of the four days marches. I'm sure they had pictured their hour of triomph quite different -- all of the festivity of the moment is being washed away by a huge thunderstorm.
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Hacking CSS and Javascript

I spent the afternoon and the evening hacking CSS and Javascript for klik's website. I may have written about this before: I wrote a DHTML-based 'CMS' for her. By manipulating a Javascript file, she can now determine the contents of the site. It's all done client-side, so there is no back-end needed.

I've added labels for categories and photos, the category label is displayed, and one can browse forward and backwards -- so no more scrollbars. The site now also works in lower resolutions -- upto 800x600, even.
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