June 26th, 2007

King of the world!

New car

On monday, I went to collect the new car. Because of the frequent business travel I do (mostly trips >100km single way), I could select a lease car. We chose a Ford Focus sedan -- the luxury edition, of course. With a few extra luxurious options. ;)

When I went to get it from the dealer, I got a short introductory course in how to handle the various knobs to make all the bells and whistles do what I want. And I got a bouqet of flowers, but it was specifically stated that those were for my 'other half'. So I gave them to klik, but only under one condition. If she gets to select a lease car, then I get her bouqet!

Also, this means the trusty fubmobile is for sale. Make us an offer, and we'll talk! :)
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animated me tinkering with leds

Fugly but functional

This must be the ugliest circuit (physically) I've ever made. But I guess one can't complain about some improvised LED driver that I managed to produce in a single day -- including (most of) the firmware.

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I'm also at work on another circuit, but who knows when I'll be done with that?