June 11th, 2007

SD Fub

Celebrate your successes

What I learned today:
- Make sure that it's no coincidence when things work well;
- When things work well, let your colleagues know;
- Give credit where credit is due;
- Let others share in your celebration.
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The Linux Experiment

State of things so far:

- I got avidemux to work on recoding -- the interface is a bit twiddly. However, it is much slower than VirtualDub. Perhaps this is an issue of settings. VirtualDub does take more CPU-power when it's running, so perhaps I can allow avidemux free reign by increasing the number of threads it uses.
- I decided to recompile my kernel with the 'correct' USB option set, so that I could connect the GPSr. Key to the process was finding this how-to, which explains how to get the configuration of the existing kernel. All you have to do then is to tweak a single setting, and set off the compilation chain. It's not finished yet, so we'll see how things work out.
Machinery should bend to my will, dammit! I'm not going to boot into a different OS just to upload some positions to the GPSr -- I do this too often to make it an exception. Especially not when I know how to fix it.
- I installed the fansub index program on the MACH F, which runs WinXP. Through VNC, I can control the desktop there, and look up which disc I need for a particular episode. When we're watching stuff, the MACH F is running anyway, so this is a good enough solution for the middle-long term.

EDIT: Holy crap, it worked! Now I can use gpsbabel to access the GPSr. However, since I completely borked the NVidia drivers, I'm going back to the 'old' kernel and research this some more.
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