January 14th, 2007

Sneaky Bastard: Solid Snake

Truth in advertising

On a 0.5 liter carton of milk, it says: "Tasty every day!"

I know that is, in fact, a lie. Just leave the carton out of the fridge for a few days, and then just see if it's tasty or not!

I wonder if they expect people to fall for such transparent lies.
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Kashira? Kashira? Gozonji Kashira?


The full population of the #geekfest IRC channel had decided to go to the Efteling, a fairy-tale themepark. Until not that long ago, it was closed during the winter, but nowadays, the whole park is 'winter-themed' and open in the winter. (Though some attractions, such as the rollercoaster, are closed because of the [possible] weather.)

We walked through the fairy-tale forest, ate sausage sandwiches (but declined the free ice hat because those are ugly), drank hot chocolate (but not from the half-liter mugs, which could go into the bags clean), were unable to enter the Diorama hall, waited half an hour for a ride, walked through the second half of the fairy-tale forest, ate fried rice, saw the park from high above, got disoriented in a tumbling house and had quite a nice dream.
We did and saw all the things we wanted to do, and had a wonderful time. kees_s surprised us with his knowledge of Efteling-trivia, and he took us to the museum which we would otherwise have passed by. Lots of neat stuff -- but we had to drag him away from the old, self-built endless-tape players. :)

We spent eight hours in the park, about half of it after dark. Seeing everything lit up really adds to the atmosphere, but by 9PM we were really tired... We said our goodbyes, and went home. We went to bed really early, because we had to do a cache today -- and that promised more walking!