September 9th, 2006



The bad news for babarage: we removed the 'decorative' foil from our front door window, even though she reported it was the only way she could find our house.
The good news: we replaced it with foil that looks like it, and ours is the only house in the row that has foil like that.
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animated me tinkering with leds

USB == fixed!

I succeeded in getting the USB interface working, after a flurry of copy-paste from some example code. It's really quite straightforward.
On the other hand, the USB-to-serial drivers always create COM10. I could use the D2XX drivers to see if there is a device attached, and if it is, simply communicate with COM10...
Glowing LED

Congratulations, Prof. Nakamura!

The inventor of white, blue and green LEDs, Professor Shuji Nakamura, was awarded the second Millenium Technology Prize.

The MTP is a bi-annual prize awarded to recognise "technological developments that have a positive impact on quality of life and sustainable development". The first one, in 2004, went to Tim Berners-Lee.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Nakamura said: "This invention makes it possible to improve quality of life for many millions of people." It certainly improved my quality of life!

(Read the BBC article here)
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