April 7th, 2006

Bishoujo squad!

New anime

Tactical Roar: There is a perpetual cyclone going on in the south pacific, so naval transports are the mode of transport of choice. Escort ships are hired by cargo companies to escort their ships over the sea -- pirates are everywhere these days, and they're equipped with homing missiles!
We are introduced to a technician, who is going to be stationed at one of these escort ships, to upgrade their systems. Only, this ship is all manned by women! Lots of hijinks ensue, which serve mainly as excuse for boob & crotch shots of the female cast... It's pretty well drawn, though.

Gakuen Heaven: A whole school full of pretty, adrogynous boys! In colorful school uniforms! Smirking and raising their eyebrows at eachother! A new, off-season transfer student enters this secluded boys' love paradise -- what will happen to him!?

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu: This first episode is... odd. There doesn't seem to be a coherent plot, the naration is hilarious, and the camerawork and 'special' effects laughable. Then it turns out that this is an amateur movie made by highschool students... Maybe halfnorn and arnoudens will recognise some of the situations, though I hope not. ;)
It was funny, but I don't think this first episode gives a fair representation of the rest of the series.

Soul Link: Bishoujo in space! Students from the military space academy (mostly girls...) are shipped to a space station to train. Not much happens in the episode, though there are a few suspicious characters lurking about. And what the hell is the deal with short skirts in zero gravity!?
The characters seem to lack any sort of personality, to boot. Perhaps we'll watch the second episode to see whether the impending crisis will drill some sense in 'em.
Ships passing in the night

Ars Magica

Yesterday, we have another session of the Ars Magica game. We had a very good time -- it was fun to solve the mystery of the dissapearing sheep, even though we felt (a bit) sad for the poor deluded giant...

I had taken meticulous notes of the first session as well as of the second session - I had planned to write a campaign log from my characters' perspective, but that takes time. I don't have much time -- or rather, I have more things I want to do than I have time available to do them.
I did write extensive logs of several RPG campaigns, but I never read those back. Most of that stuff is fun to read back within a few weeks' time for all who were involved, but it's not like an outsider would appreciate the fun we had while playing it (one of those 'you had to be there' things, I guess). As such, writing campaign logs is an activity with surprising little return on investment.

I have decided to keep taking notes but to not write the log.

The outbursts of Everett True

theferrett pointed to a series of comics from 1906 (!): the outbursts of Everett True.
The concept of the comic is simple: in the first panel, someone (or something) irritates our hero, Everett True. In the second panel, he beats the crap out of it.

It's brilliant in its simplicity. Especially because Mr True isn't spared by others if he does something wrong -- it's just, equal opportunity violence!