February 25th, 2006


"New" anime

I've been slacking off horribly with writing the reviews of the new anime we've seen...

I"s Pure is about a boy and his infatuation with the seemingly unreachable school idol. But when he and she are paired to think of a welcome party for the new students, he doesn't know how to behave in front of her and acts gruff. When swimsuit photos of her start circulating around the school, he chases off some unsavoury individuals who shout obsceneties at her.
The school seems populated with seedy types, and when she is manipulated to undress in front of a hidden camera, our hero rescues her just in time! She finds out about his feelings for her and they go out on a date...
It's pretty cute on one hand, but on the other hand the whole 'guy doesn't know how to act in front of the girl he really likes'-thing is a bit tired and irritating.

Gyagu Manga Biyori is, seemingly, about a company that produces anime marketing tie-ins, such as stickers in cereal boxes etc. Hectic, bizarre, fast-paced (using the 'superflat' style). Highly amusing.

Ergo Proxy is a modern OVA that has a highly realistic and polished look. When tempy needed some convincing to watch this, I replied:
"Ergo Proxy is a dystopian, Bladerunner-like sci-fi series -- fascism lurks anywhere people are urged to be 'good citizens', which is oddly relevant these days. There are cyborgs who become self-aware and go on a killing spree, and these 'proxies' that I don't even know how to classify (yet).
It's high budget, which means it's looking good while it's showing you around this grimy future."
Highly recommended!

REC is about a marketing drone who meets an aspiring voice actress when he is stood up by a colleague from work. He gives his movie ticket to her instead, and afterwards they have a few drinks. Turns out they even live only a few streets apart! But that night her room burned down, and he let her stay in his house...
With only twelve minutes per episode, this one has to maintain it's narrative thrust in order to tell a full story, which the writers manager to pull off nicely. I'm not so sure about the realism of the portrayal of the voice actress lifestyle, but it's amusing none the less. Character designs are attractive to boot.