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The new season is in full effect...

Ichigo 100% tells the story of a group of highschool students who shoot a movie together. Junpei is surrounded by four girls -- who will he choose?
OK, so it's a rather typical schoolkids-harem-ecchi anime (with lots of semi-nudity and pantyshots), but it's pretty sweet. There's not really much else to say. If it's your thing, check it out.

Tsubasa Chronicle is a new series by CLAMP. When the opening sequence started, we spotted lots of 'recycled' character designs from CardCaptor Sakura -- until the anime actually started and we find out that the character that looks like a slightly more mature version of Shaoran is named Shaoran. He's an archeologist, and long-time friend of princess Sakura. Sakura's brother, Tooya, is king of the Land of Clow, and Shaoran is excavating the ancient ruins of the kingdom. One night, something weird happens at the ruins, and Sakura's heart is transported to another dimension (or so says high-priest Yukito), and he sends Shaoran to the Dimension Witch to save Sakura!
Watching this was pretty weird. OK, so we know CLAMP recycles character designs (see Angelic Layer, for instance), but this went pretty far. It's like a 'dark mirror'-version of CardCaptor Sakura -- which it just might turn out to be! And this being a CLAMP series, with music by Yuki Kajiura and an ending theme sung by Maaya Sakamoto, there nothing to dislike here.

Futakoi Alternative also is an alternative version of a previous series. Again, it's the city of the female twins, but this time those twins are special operatives or assistants to a private detective! Lots of action, over-the-top chase scenes and... cute girls.
If the original Futakoi was too slow for your tastes, then Futakoi Alternative might be more to your liking.

Goldfish Warning! is an older series (from 1991) that's just being fansubbed from DVD. Chitose's father dies and the family fortune dries up. She can no longer maintain her rich lifestyle and has to transfer to a poor highschool next to the rich one she used to go to. All that she has left is her father's lucky goldfish... But then she finds that her father did leave her the contents of a safe-deposit box in a bank, worth a fortune! To get back at her old schoolmates who made fun of her bad luck, she decides to rebuild the shabby school!
It's old and it shows, but it is hilarious. I especially liked the stampede during the principal's welcome speech. The characters are great, and the situations highly amusing.

Eyeshield 21 is a sports anime focussing on football. No, not soccer, but American Football -- it's even co-sponsored by the NFL Japan. Sena starts highschool, but he is immediately picked on by three bullies in his class. He escapes them by quickly choosing the fastest route through a crowd of shoppers, and he catches the eye of the president of the football club. Sena is sort-of forced to join the club as a player -- with the codename 'Eyeshield 21'!
Some of the character designs are grotesk (I guess one could call them impressionistic), and the situations seemed contrived. If you're into sports anime, this one will certainly not dissapoint.

IZUMO - Takeki Ken no Senki tells the story of Takeru, an orphan who was taken in by a kendo teacher. His friend, Takeshi, also practices kendo, but he seems better at it than Takeru. When the mentor chooses Takeru as the representative for the big kendo tournament, his ugly side surfaces. He threatens one of the many girls surrounding Takeru, but then a weird earthquake happens and they're all transported somewhere else!
It seems like a twisted mix of El Hazard, Fushigi Yuugi and pretty much any harem anime out there... The historical / fantasy mix might prove to be interesting, and the girls are pretty cute as well.

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