October 2nd, 2005

flex brain!

Better living through bitneuken

When I can drive four RGB-LEDs, my previous encoding technique will not work anymore. That is OK, I think -- the pauses were few and far in between, so there was no real advantage in encoding those.
With four colors, I can encode which LED will change color in a nibble. It'll actually be easier this way too! A second pause is just a nibble of all zeroes.

The demise of the Socket A platform

Darn, Socket A motherboards and Semprons are almost no-where to be found anymore. A pity, because that (old) platform provided the best price/performance ratio in modern computing -- stuff that is just before the end-of-life is usually pretty cheap.

It's not a coincidence that my mom, klik and babarage run their machines based on a Socket A motherboard and a Socket A Sempron!

(And really, who cares about upgradability? If you want to upgrade your machine, most likely you'll have to buy a new motherboard, CPU (and sometimes even memory) anyway!)