September 6th, 2005

net zombie!

Perhaps some other time...

Didn't go to the rotational RPG thing. I got ill at work (sweating profusely, throbbing headache and feeling like I might throw up within the next five minutes or so). I tried to ride it out until 17:00, so that I could justify going after all, but at 16:40 I just gave up and went home.

I'm feeling slightly better, but in no form or shape to go there and socialise with other nerds. Oh well, there's always three months later.
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Finished series: Xenosaga the animation

We've finished watching Xenosaga: The Animation. My first episode review of it is here.

The main character of the series is Shion, a researcher for the Vector Corporation. Vector is pretty big in weapons development, and Shion is the head of the KOS-MOS project -- after the prototype killed the previous department head who turned out to be Shion's boyfriend. Shion and KOS-MOS are stationed on a battleship of the Galaxy Federation, the Woglinde.
The Woglinde is transporting a mysterious object known as a Zohar, when the fleet is attacked by a swarm of Gnosis -- life-forms which can render themselves immaterial. Only Observational Type Realians (a type of android) can render them material. In the ensuing chaos/carnage, KOS-MOS activates and starts to carry out the mission that was programmed into her by the Vector Corporation.

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In the end, there is no resolution -- it is just a fragment of the game in the form of animation, not a full story. And while the character designs are pretty nice, the animation is often quite horrible. The only thing that's really slick are the CGI stuff, which blends pretty well with the cell animation.

Good points:
- Nice character designs;
- Interesting premise.
Bad points:
- Not enough explanation of what is really happening (or what has happened in the past to make it turn out this way);
- Animation is sub-standard;
- No resolution.

All in all, a 6.5. Perhaps you'll enjoy it better if you've played the game.


Apparently, 'Holland' (but I'm guessing they really meant the whole of the Netherlands) has it's own tartan. It's been registered and all, so now Dutch people can confidently wear a kilt without having to pretend they're from some clan they don't belong to.

The bad news is that the design is dull and uninspiring. OK, so it is tartan, so don't expect a nice floral print or something. But come on, if the best you could come up with is to take red, white, blue and orange because that's the colors of the national flag (and the ribbon), I'm not so impressed with your designing sk1llz. In the end, it is a blue/orange monstrosity that clashes horribly.
But then again, I don't think Dutch males are supposed to have a fashion sense, so there's not a big loss there.

Make sure you watch the photos of two brothers wearing kilts of the tartan. They look ridiculous.

(klik's parents sent me a scanned newspaper clipping about this.)