June 30th, 2005


New icon

And yet another new icon. This is Matsuo Basho's famous 'frog-haiku'.
Literally translated, it says:

Old pond
Frog jumped in
Sound of water

I quite like it, just like I like most haiku. The Bureau of Public Secrets has a page with lots of information about this particular haiku, and 30 translations into English.

Also, for those of you playing along at home, the 'nonsensical display' icon was from the opening animation of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It said so in the comment-field of the icon, but you were all such good sports and didn't peek! :)
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BOL and Bo-Rent

I received a coupon from bol.com for free shipping. I think it was almost a year ago since I last ordered something there, so perhaps this is an automated coupon. It makes sense: send a coupon for free shipping to everyone who hasn't ordered anything in the last year, and try to get them to buy stuff from you regularly again.

However, the coupon code (a 22 character long sequence of numbers and letters) starts with 'BORENT'. And right after we moved, I rented a trailer from the local Bo-Rent.

Of course, this could be a coincidence. But who believes in coincidences like that anymore?

But on the other hand, what has bol.com to win by buying the addresses from Bo-rent? They already had my address (because they sent my order to me), and the coupon came by email -- and I didn't give Bo-rent my email address.

It gets curiouser and curiouser.
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