June 29th, 2005

net zombie!


I was awoken around 02:15 AM last night by the sound of a compressor running behind the house. I was annoyed: who in their right mind is going to work with powertools in the middle of the friggin' night? When they cut the long grass on the other side of the footpath behind the house, they did so on a Sunday morning as well -- but this was am even more bizarre time to get to work there.
When I looked out of the window (our bedroom is situated at the back of the house), I found out that the sound that I had been assuming was rain on the roof, had actually been the crackling of hay on fire.

There was quite a bit of fire behind the house.

As I said, this was at the other side of the footpath, which is separated by a wide swath of grass that had been kept short, and our back yard -- so there was no imminent danger to ourselves or our property. Which alleviated the primal panic upon seeing a bona fide fire around your house somewhat.
This part of the grass had been cut last sunday, and the grass had been lying there ever since -- apparently they (whoever they might be) had not gotten around to collecting the hay. And it is quite a bit of hay too: the grass was over 50cm tall, and it runs all the way from the footpath to the highway a few hundred meters on. It has been quite warm, and it had spontaneously combusted.
It gave off quite a lot of smoke, which drifted towards the back of the houses further down the street. I guess someone over there slept with their window open, who had been awoken by the smoke and had called the fire department.

The compressor that had woken me was the compressor of the fire truck posted a few meters away from the fire, and there were firemen walking to and fro. When they started to use the firehoses (pressurised by the noisy compressor), they made short work of the fire. We went back to sleep.
Later on tonight, it rained. The forecasts predict more rain, so I guess that's the end of the bushfires behind our house.

ETA: klik informs me that the grass had been cut on Saturday, not Sunday.
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S2 layout

Well, I've been busy designing my layout this evening. I completely suck at webdesign, but I do know what I like.

Design goals for this layout:
- Clean and simple;
- Most screen-space should go to the content of the entries (unlike in, say, Generator);
- Entries should be visually separated from eachother;
- Always show the usericon of the poster;
- Make it impossible for the content of the entry to flow over the usericon of the poster;
- Stuff like mood and music should take up as little space as possible.

This is what I came up with. This is a static HTML mock-up, and I quite like it a bit. I have a thing for rounded corners, I think. It's not very colorful as it is now, but I am thinking of making a few different 'themes', with different background images and different colors. I need to remake the images for the rounded corners if the colors change, though -- but that's not too much work.

Your comments are appreciated.
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