June 28th, 2005

Ships passing in the night

S2 and tags and cold feet

With Semagic now supporting tags, I had to switch over to S2 to get tag-filtering. To my dismay, Refried Paper (my default Journal layout that I had become quite attached to) is not available in S2, so I switched to Generator.

I'm not too happy with that either. So I thought I could make my own S2 layout and be done with it.
But the documentation is all rather... abstract. I need a good annotated example, or at least an example I can ask someone questions about.

Does anyone feel like sharing their S2 style with me and be available for answering my questions about it?

Also, I lost part of the nail of my big toe this weekend, in an unfortunate accident involving monitor stands and the stairs. Ouch. I can't have any sort of pressure on it, though to my relief wearing shoes is OK. But I have to keep the foot above the covers, or else the duvet will kill me. I wake up with cold feet. :(
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Thursday, our new couch will arrive. So tonight, we moved the old couch to the attic (we're going to make that our 'hanging-out' space), with some difficulty.

There was some stuff still lying behind the couch, and one of those was the 'closing binder' of the Semergy deal: all the notarial acts and stuff. It's been irrelevant for about 3 years now, and it's time to clean it up. But there were lots of pages with sensitive information (passport numbers of rich people, addresses, the salaries of my Cap Gemini colleagues of 2000 [though, oddly enough, not those of xaviar_nl] as well as lots of signatures). I dumped the 'generic' pages, and we shredded the stack of pages with personal information on it.

And so it goes. At first the contents of that binder were going to make me rich ('screaming rich' as RW put it repeatedly), then it was a brick to hit the investors with, then it was a source of nostalgia. Now it is trash.
Sic transit gloria mundi.