June 3rd, 2005

Bishoujo squad!

Finished series: Mai Hime

We've finished watching Mai Hime (also sometimes named 'My Hime'). My first episode review is here.

Tokiha Mai has a strange birthmark, and just off to the side of the moon is a mysterious red star, that only she can see. Her younger brother, Takumi, has a heart condition and needs medicines to keep his condition under control -- he is on the waiting list for an operation in the USA, but that costs a lot of money...
They parents are both deceased, and then Mai gets the offer of a full scholarship at the Fuka Highschool, they go there by boat. During their trip, they meet two other students of their prospective school, when a strange girl with a large sword is fished out of the water. Mai performs CPR on the girl.
Later that evening, the ship is attacked by another girl, who is accompanied by what seems like a robotic dog. She fights with the drowned girl, wrecking the ship completely in the process. Mai gets caught up in the middle of this fight, and finds out that she has special powers like the two fighting girls...

So begins Mai's 'carreer' as a HiME (Highly-advanced Materialising Equipment) at Fuka highschool. She befriends the two fighting girls (Natsuki and Mikoto), and learns of the plight of the HiME: they have to fight monsters called 'Orphans', using the weapons they materialise out of thin air and aided by their 'Child' (a biomechanical monster). Nagi, a mysterious Cheshire Cat-like boy, guides the HiME on.
There is another group, called First District, that seek to employ the power of the HiME for their own ends, and it is not exactly clear what role the director of the school plays either...

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The series has an eye for detail, and is meticulously animated. There is a huge cast, but every character has been given lots of character and unique manners by the animators and the top-notch voice actors. Add in the combination of kick-ass fights and a mysterious background, and you have a winner!

Good points:
- Great animation, great voice acting;
- Large cast of nicely fleshed-out characters;
- Interesting story with interesting twists.
Bad points:
- Slightly more fanservice than I would have liked.

Overall, an 8.5.
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