May 26th, 2005

Kashira? Kashira? Gozonji Kashira?

Some definitions:

Garden (noun):
- A place for city people to Commune With Nature on their own terms;
- A place for city people to Commune With Other City People (preferrably in loud voices while drinking beer);
- A place to park your car.

Gardening (verb):
- The act of removing biomass from a garden -- that'll teach those plants to grow!
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Ships passing in the night

New old new anime

Tenkuu Danzai: Skelter Heaven is an OVA based on a PS2 game. There are mysterious floating aliens over Tokyo, and there are the cute and scantily clad female android squadron that fight them in mechas that don't make much sense (no armor to protect the pilot, for instance). The squadron is commanded by a male commander -- and of course all the 'girls' have feelings for him!
Blah blah blah, you know the drill. Not very interesting at all.

Fushigi Hoshi no Futago Hime is cute and genki. It's about the two very unladylike twin pricesses of the Sun Planet. There are eight 'mysterious planets' in all, all with their own set of royalty. There is an event called 'The Princess Party', in which the princess-of-the-day is chosen. However, the light of the Sun Planet is slowly dwindling, and it is to the twin princesses to fix it!
A true kids' show, with amazingly high quality of animation. Very lively and cute, it reminded us somewhat of Cosmic Baton-Girl Comet-san -- only more genki and weird.

Honey and Clover is the story of a group of university students. They live in a badly-maintained apartment building (without bath!), and are constantly broke. Morita is the liveliest, who has a mysterious job and a problem waking up in the mornings -- and he gets his kohai constantly in trouble. When they are introduced to a new female student, they are all quite charmed by her...
Very charming first episode. Some scenes are very slow and slice-of-life, others are wacky (mostly when Morita gets up to his antics), which makes for a nice mix between character development and plain fun.

Eureka 7 is about flying mecha. On surfboards. With mysterious parts that have something to do with saving the world, though we're not sure because the guy who invented/found it (the father of Renton, the 14-year old protagonist) has dissapeared. Renton, of course, wants to pilot those mecha, but he has even trouble keeping himself afloat on a board. But when the elite mecha crew drops by his house, it seems he gets lucky.
Blah blah blah, fill in the blanks. It's all about the mecha, and no deeper plot seems to be involved.

Märchen Awakens Romance is typical boys' anime. Ginta is always dreaming about a magical land somewhere far away, where he gets to rescue cute princesses and beat up wicked monsters. He gets laughed at a lot, but one day he gets the chance to travel through a magical portal to the land of his dreams! There, it turns out he is incredibly strong and fit, though seriously lacking in magical items... Together with a witch, he starts out on a quest (basically a dungeon-crawl) to accumulate such magical items.
Lots of shouting, the fight-scenes are boring, lots of movement but little plot, as is typical of this kind of anime.
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