May 13th, 2005

King of the world!

Once again...

We're alive again. ADSL works -- I suspect it worked earlier, but that I somehow messed up the connections to the splitter. Will investigate this evening.

It's a lot slower than we were used to, though.
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Some semi-random observations

ADSL and phone now work at the same time. Turns out that I used too cheap cables to hook it all up.

The Dutch word for "mischief" is "kattekwaad", which, literally translated, means "cat's evil". It's the type of things that a cat does: knocking things over, chewing on the plants and all that. We live here two-and-a-half weeks now, and the cat seems pretty happy. He is up to some mischief (as usual), but he seems quite relaxed and happy about having more space to roam.

klik beat me at Ikea. Repeatedly.

klik's birthday was spent packing, my birthday was spent scratching at the carpet glue in the apartment.

Last Monday, I turned the keys in of the apartment. All was well. My keychain is now 3 keys lighter, but my mind lost a ton of weight.

Leaving the house by bike is now a bit more complicated than it used to be.

We haven't watched a single anime episode since we moved. TV hasn't been connected either. I really need to fix the MACH F so we can watch anime!

The central heating system was broken -- we couldn't get hot water out of the taps, only luke-warm. Turns out that the mechanism that switched between heating the water for central heating and heating water for the taps was broken. The guy who installed the geyser came around to fix it, and he will be offering us a maintenance contract -- probably wise to take that.

The route to work runs through a park. One wouldn't suspect it by driving through this part of town, but there is lots and lots of 'nature' just around the corner. It's a lovely ride to work and back.
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