March 14th, 2005

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New anime

With Princess Tutu under our belt, it was time to check out some new anime again.

First up was Omyou Taisenki. AnimeNfo says nothing more than "Based on a toy produced by Bandai", and that really says it all. This series is a marketing vehicle for a card game, and it shows.
The main character is a descendant of the "Air Style", some sort of Shinto magic. His grandfather has taught him some basic incantations, but has never really taught him how to work the magic. When he makes a new friend, this friend turns out to be a practitioner of the much-hated "Earth style". Grandfather defends the shrine with cards and incantations, but the monster the enemy summons breaks through the barrier. Only our hero can stop them!
OK, so it starts off pretty interesting, but the fights are boring. My mind switched off when I saw grandpa draw some cards from his kimono and attack the monster with them. Marketing vehicle, steer clear.

Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu salvaged our evening. Asaba is a 'correspondent' of his highschool newspaper club. Together with the chairman of the club, he has staked out an airforce base nearby that is rumoured to harbor UFOs. At the last day of the summer vacation, he sneaks into the school to make use of the pool, where he meets with Iriya. He saves her from drowning and teaches her some basic swimming -- until she is escorted away by a myserious man with a police escort. The next day, Iriya ends up in his class as transfer student, and when the air raid drill is conducted, she freaks out and drags Asaba to the airforce base where there are more things going on than is apparent for the casual observer...
This one reminded us of Konomini, though slightly less ecchi. Designs are attractive, and there are promises of a really interesting story...
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Ships passing in the night


Yesterday, we went to see Constantine. Enjoyable movie, but nothing earth-shattering.
I think that, after the Matrix movies and Constantine, Keanu Reeves desperately needs a movie in which he can show us that he can act -- if he can act. He is perfect for that look of bemused idiocy he wore all through the Matrix movies, but it was certainly misplaced in this movie. Luckily, Rachel Weisz did act, and did a terrific job of it too.

Go see it if you have an afternoon to spend, but it's certainly not a must-see.

And if you do go to see it, stick around during the credits. Afterwards, there's an extra scene that sort-of adds to the movie.
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