March 9th, 2005


MP3 player prices

Here's a question for you:

Suppose you were in the market for an MP3 player (and I know some of you are). How much would you be prepared to pay for a Compact-Flash based MP3 player? It would have these features:

* It would work with CF-cards, which has some advantages. You could carry as many cards with you as you have room for. A 1GB CF-card costs EUR 62, 512MB costs EUR 35 -- and in the future you could upgrade to a microdrive. If the memory nears the end of its life-cycle, you can just use a different CF-card.
* It would not have a USB-connection, which means you'd have to get a separate card-reader to put the MP3s on the card.
* It would not have advanced control mechanisms like playlists or shuffle.
* It would not have an LCD screen.

What price would you think would be reasonable for such a device? Would you buy one? Would you buy one if it had an exclusive wood or aluminium housing?

What would a reasonable price be if support for playlists, shuffle and an LCD would be added? Would you buy one?
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flex brain!

EEPROM programmer

Sequential writes now work as well. According to the datasheet, I can send up to 8 bytes at a time for sequential writing to the 24AA02 (2Kbit), 16 bytes at a time for the 24AA08 (8Kbits EEPROM) and 32 bytes for the 24AA64 (65Kbits EEPROM)...
I could play it safe and always send batches of 8 bytes, but I also could make a switch depending on the type of EEPROM that is set.
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