January 17th, 2005


New anime

We've checked out a few of the new offerings these season.

Ah! My Goddess is not an unknown media property. In 1993, a five-part OVA series was produced, which is currently licensed by AnimEigo. I've only seen the first episode of the '93 OVA. However, this year sees the start of a AMG TV series. All in all, it seems to follow the plot of the OVA, but with much more detail and embellishments.
Main character is Keiichi, a young student who is plagued by his phenomenal bad luck. He lives in a run-down dorm and is a member of the perpetually broke Automobile Club. Nothing ever goes his way: his motorcycle breaks down, he doesn't have any lunch money, he has to stay home while the rest of the gang goes to a party... But then he meets a Goddess, who comes to fulfill his wishes...
Very nicely done: great visuals, great characterisation. I liked the first OVA episode, and I think the TV series will do a better job of telling the story.

UG * Ultimate Girl is a parody on pretty much every sentai/monster-of-the-week series out there. It's about a trio of cute schoolgirls who go shopping one day. A monster (in fact, a giant Godzilla toy!) attacks Tokyo (again), and they move closer to get a better view. Unfortunately, UFO Man, the super-hero from space who saves Tokyo time and time again, lands precisely on top of them! He lends them some of his power to ressurrect them, but now they have to help him fight the monsters...
This is a 'half-episode' series, with a single episode being only 13 minutes. And there's lots and lots of innuendo and perverted imagery in this -- all in good fun. If you're heavily into Sentai and want some ecchi mixed with it, this might be your thing.

Peach Girl is based on a shoujo manga, and it shows. Momo is a high-school girl with a crush on a boy in her class, Toji. Het friend Sae seems to copy her in every respect, and when she asks Momo whom she is in love with, Momo points at Kairi, the most popular boy in the school. She fears Sae will make her move on Toji if she knew the truth. Kairi is smitten with Momo, and he starts to spread all sorts of rumours about them being a couple...
I've never read the manga, but it seems to turn into a Marmalade Boy-like relationship drama -- the first episode does a nice job of setting up the love square. A good change of pace for the lovers of shoujo, who have gotten tired of explosions and magical girls!

Xenosaga is based on the PSX game. It is set in a sci-fi universe with andriods, fearsome weapons, biological spaceships and a shadowy war going on... Main character seems to be Uzuki, a scientist working aboard a spaceship to perfect the automatic weapon KOS-MOS. When the fleet is attacked by the 'Gnosis', phase-shifting biological spaceships, the shit really starts to hit the fan!
OK, so the first episode doesn't really tell us much about the backstory, but it was fun none the less. One can see that this is a high-budget production, and it's set to be one of the hits of this season.
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This saturday, I went to visit my parents. A few weeks back, I installed a Linksys WAG54G to go with their ADSL subscription. However, it seems the wireless link is far from stable, so that merited some further investigation. My father gave me lots of confused error reports, so that I didn't know what was the exact problem.
I flashed the most recent firmware into the device, and it all seemed to work correctly -- and then it all went to hell in a handbasket. The wireless link was dropped, just like that. When we'd connect the PC to the router via an UTP cable, we got a consistently good link with the internet, so it seems the router drops the wireless link from time to time. It may take 5 minutes, it may take 30 minutes, but it'll be dropped. Of course, that's not what we buy a wireless router for! It seems more people are having troubles with it... I've contacted Linksys support, we'll see what they can come up with.
So far, I'm not a happy camper about this.

Sunday, klik's father celebrated his birthday. It was fun, as usual, apart from some family drama that was constantly present in the background...
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flex brain!

Scrolling display

Just yesterday it occurred to me that I do have a device capable of capturing video: the webcam! So I made a small movie to demonstrate the scrolling I've implemented. Bear in mind that the scrolling speed will be adjustable.

Here is the video-file (AVI, XVid, 4.5 MB).

Sizing comparison: the coin next to the display is a 20 eurocent coin. I've placed the display in it's housing, a darkened plexiglass bay that fits in a 3.5" slot (the size of a floppy drive). There's a small gap to the left of the display, that'll be where the IR detector will go.

ontheseams suggested the message.
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