December 30th, 2004


Recent amusements

Some of you may be aware that Lance Armstrong has his own Foundation, to battle cancer. Together with Nike, he developed a yellow silicon wristband, which is sold for $1 with the inscription "LiveStrong". If you want to show the world you care, you wear one of these.
However, more and more organisations are jumping on the bandwagon: there's the Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld which sells orange wristbands with the inscription "Respect", and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sells pink bracelets with the text "Sharing the Promise".
They're all worthy causes, but I have a slight aversion to the idea of having to wear these things to show my support... And after the 10th Worthy Cause with a wristband, I tend to think: "So who cares!?"
Much to my amusement, there's a company in the Netherlands who manufactures these things -- to your specifications. They have lots of colors available (though they state they won't make yellow wristbands out of respect for the Lance Armstrong Foundation), and the minimum order quantity is 500. So if you can find 500 friends who are willing to pay EUR 1.10 for a wristband, you can start your own wristband-craze, with your own text!
Current suggestions include "W00t!", "Another wristband!" and "FashionVictim", but don't let these ideas stifle your creativity!

I've been listening to a webradio station called "Secret Agent". They call themselves "The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life." It's lots of downtempo Lounge music with a distinct Latin groove -- very easygoing, with the occasional uptempo remix of the Mission Impossible Theme thrown in for good measure.
The most amusing part of it all is that in between the songs, they broadcast samples from James Bond movies. It's really thematic, and indeed the perfect soundtrack for a cocktail party in the casino. I'm not so sure sitting in front of the computer programming qualifies as "stylish, mysterious, dangerous", but I'm still listening to it.
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Kashira? Kashira? Gozonji Kashira?

Weird lyrics

The album Natural History by I am Kloot starts with the song To You. The second verse starts with the lines:

The line on the screen has broken,
What once was asleep has woken

This either makes the think of the Dune movie ("The sleeper must awaken!") or Call of Cthulu. My associative memory unmasks me as a total geek, I'm afraid.
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