October 11th, 2004


Hardware maintenance

klik had her weekly singing course this evening, so I took that opportunity to do some hardware maintenance. Some of you will recall that I was my attempts to install a Zalman CPU cooler were unsuccessful. Well, someone suggested that I had tightened the bolts too fast, thereby warping some of the traces on the motherboard (or something like that).

It took me more than a month to muster enough courage to try again -- and this time, it all worked on the first try! I really need to find another solution for the case fan, though -- that has replaced the CPU fan as the loudest component in my computer.

I decided to install SP2 while I was doing maintenance on my system anyway. That takes... quite long. I read quite a lot while waiting for the process to end. Now everything is up-to-date, and that makes me happy.
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