October 10th, 2004



Friday evening, we went to visit some friends of ours, who had... bought a house, some time ago. We got the full tour, and they explained how they got the house and in what state. Apparently the house had belonged to a couple who had gotten divorced and thus had to sell the house -- while in the middle of building an extension. This meant they got the house pretty cheap, but there remains a lot of work to do!

Saturday, we got up relatively early. After breakfast and receiving one of the duvets we ordered (why they didn't send the two of 'em at the same time is beyond me, but I'm sure there's some obscure logistical reason for it), we set off to the city centre. We were there quite early, so we didn't have any trouble at all getting a parking spot.
We did some shopping: we got new covers for the duvets (we are getting extra-long and extra-wide duvets), and I bought some office supplies for the Getting Things Done system. I now have a Dymo labeller, I constructed a Hipster PDA for myself, but instead of getting one of those bulky clips shown in the picture, we got a packet of 'Paperclicks', which fit snugly around the paper without damaging it. I also got ten grey A4 filing folders -- I paid 0.65 per piece, but I found out today that I can get a pack of 50 for 12.53... Long live internet shopping, I'd say.

Also, here's a fun game to play when you're bored on a saturday afternoon: try to get a VGA card that's compatible with AGP-2 or AGP-4. In the end, we got a really low-budget card (it didn't even come in a cardboard box) that the sales attendant had to dig up from the dark corners of the storage area. My dads computer has a broken VGA card (at least, that's the current diagnosis), so I had to get him a new card. It's a bit older model, hence the maximum of AGP-4.

After tea and a piece of delicious apple/nut pie, we went to exar, to go to the animal shelter in Balgoy to pick a cat for him. It didn't take him long to befriend a large, friendly tomcat, who didn't seem to mind being taken to strange surroundings at all.
We left at around four, and when we got home I caught Murray on MSN. We talked about the house, and then he called! They have a speakerphone of some sorts, so we could chat with them while they were preparing lunch. It was wonderful speaking with them again -- we should look into stuff like Skype or a webcam or something like that.

Today, both my parents and my inlaws visited us. We showed them the brochure of the house, and chatted a bit about the possibilities. At around 14:30, they all left.
Then, at 15:00, we were at my workplace, because the new office was being officially opened. There was a carribean drumband (we heard them from a few block away!), there was a (short) speech by the Big Boss, the sign on the building was uncovered by two climbers, and there was lots of snacks and drinks inside. It was fun seeing your colleagues with their family, and to guess who belong to who. The snacks were nice (though the rice of the sushi should have been boiled longer, and the nori was a bit soggy), and we got a full tour of the server-room (which is completely closed off, only sysadmins can enter there).

After we got back, we had dinner and I started to clear my desk of all the stuff. I have three letterbaskets on my desk, and the top one was stacked very high with lots of papers that were, supposedly, semi-important. That basket is now empty, I have disposed of a lot of paper and I filled eight filing folders. I feel good about getting organised.
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