July 26th, 2004

SD Fub

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

I checked the DPD Track&Trace site before going to the office today. Techcase had sent my package (containing the long-awaited case) on Friday afternoon, so I had my tracking number since. Just to satisfy my idle curiosity, I checked the site, and saw that the package had arrived at my 'local' depot and had gone 'in delivery' at 08:02 today.
So I took the car to work today: you never know, people might actually do what they're supposed to do, but I had decided I wasn't going to hold my breath... Once again, I told our receptionist my little 'DPD package delivery'-tale, and she promised me to take care of it.

I just came back from lunch, and I found a mail from the reception: the package was actually delivered! I collected it and opened it, just to be sure, and it is the right case!

The saddest thing is, that I'm very, very happy about something that should have gone right in the first place. Anyway, expect lots of hardware-tweaking pictures in this Journal within the next few days. ;)
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SD Fub


Another weekend past...

Saturday, we travelled all the way to Beverwijk, where most of klik's family lives. First on the program was a visit to her aunt (Judith's mother), who had had her birthday the past week. klik had made a post about Judith on her Journal and had sent the URL of the post to her uncle and aunt. She had mentioned that I was 'fub'. And she got a mail back, saying that they were amused by the report!
Anyway, we arrived, gave the flowers we got for her, were seated in the backyard and supplied with tea and chocolate-chip cookies, and uncle Henk (80% of the male members of my inlaws are called 'Henk', to make matters confusing) said: "So, that's a 'fub'"? Then we had to explain to him how usernames on LiveJournal worked, and how I got my nickname. Amusing to explain something very online to people who live mostly offline.

Then we went to klik's grandmother where we met with the rest of the family of that side. They had made arrangements for a dinner somewhere ('De Dirigent', nice enough place with very decent food!). klik's sister had gotten a budget DVD player as a birthday present (it's her birthday right now, in fact), and for some reason she insisted I take it home to check that it's region free (where she is going to get R1 discs, I don't know) and which type of rewritables work on it. Haven't gotten around to doing that, though.

Dinner was nice enough, but it's a bit disheartening to see how people always follow the old patterns: a lot of things have happened between these people and they always want the best for eachother. But there's a lot of frustration, a lot of history of misunderstandings, a lot of 'filling in' for the other... Let's just say that I was glad we could leave when we did (also because we were both pretty tired at that point).

Sunday we slept in, and then we went to see Spiderman II. After the festivities of the past week, the city centre was eerily quiet. There were some people out and about, and some were walking rather awkwardly. Makes you wonder whether they did the four day's marches or whether they always have trouble walking...
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Oh, and Kirsten Dunst? Next time you wear a light summer dress, please wear a bra.

After that, we did a bit of a tour around Nijmegen, to see places we normally never visit -- to see whether we would consider buying a house in that neighbourhood. Yes, we're picky, but we can afford to!
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BitTorrent and Firewalls

The last few weeks, I would get inexplicable network crashes when using BitTorrent. Every network-using program would simply lock up, and a hard reset was the only thing that would get the machine working again.
I tried a lot of different things. First, I tried downgrading ZoneAlarm, I tried upgrading Shadow's Experimental BitTorrent client to the latest version (which is called BitTornado), I tried closing every program except ZoneAlarm and BitTornado, I tried Azureus -- all to no avail.

I asked around, and breyten told me he had troubles with BitTorrent and ZoneAlarm in the past as well -- though kees_s had it all working without a hitch. breyten told me he didn't use a firewall anymore because he is behind a NAT, but he should know better: NAT is not a firewall! I don't feel comfortable broadcasting my IP adress to just about anyone who connects to the BitTorrent tracker without being behind a firewall...
So, the hunt was up for another firewall! I went with the first I came across that looked trustworthy: the Kerio Personal Firewall. The interface is surprisingly similar to ZoneAlarm, with one added advantage: it doesn't crash under the barrage (torrent?) of packages when using BitTorrent.

I've let Azureus run full-speed during the night, and this morning, everything was still working perfectly! So goodbye ZoneAlarm, hello Kerio!
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