July 18th, 2004



Saturday morning, klik had to work. While she was away, I cleaned the whole house, including some additional cleaning of the spare bedroom which we had used as general storage of all kinds of stuff. Tomorrow, a cousin of klik will stay with us -- she will be walking in the world-famous four day's marches in Nijmegen.

When everything was clean, the TPG-man came by and dropped off the box with the ThinkGeek shirts I ordered. I took a quick shower and toyed around with PWM until klik came home. Shortly thereafter, babarage arrived, and (after a phonecall to ask for directions to the windmill), xaviar_nl and gertvr arrived too.
We got presents (jay!) and we settled down with drinks to just chat and chill out. We demonstrated the Eyetoy and we played a game of "Take 5!" (the Dutch version of '6 Nimmt!'). Surprisingly good game: rules are simple, but the tactics aren't.
Then we started to make dinner: miso with soba and sushi. It took quite a long time (next time we should make something easier!), but I think everybody had a good meal.
After dinner, we played Edel, Stein & Reich, a gem-themed game. It is similar to Fist of Dragonstones: the things you gain with your actions (gemstones -- which, in this case, are attractive plastic 'diamonds') are not the things that determine your ending score. You need other actions or apply other rules to convert the gemstones into money. Also, you have to second-guess your opponents: every turn, you can choose one of four actions, and there's a secondary bidding process involved if two players choose the same action. I lost the game (babarage obliterated all competition early on), but I had fun.
In between all this, we saw a huge, dark stormfront come rolling in and drop large hailstones all around. Impressive sight.
After that, it had gotten kind of late, but there was still time for a three-person session with the eyetoy (xaviar_nl, klik and babarage repeatedly got highscores with 'Wishy Washy') and some more serious talk. Then, nearing 1 AM, everybody left.
It was fun -- when is the next playdate?

Today, we got up at a reasonable time. exar is moving into his new apartment this weekend, and we had promised to help. We delivered the glass display case and the hifi-cart, and were put to work with measuring the rooms and the various rolls of carpet that had been unceremoniously dumped in the storage box downstairs. You see, exar had managed to secure some second-hand (but still almost new) carpet for his new house. However, these pieces had all been dumped on a big heap, and no-one knew which piece would be fit for which room...
We started measuring, re-rolling and transporting the carpet to the house upstairs, freeing room for the various boxes with exar's stuff. It was hard work, but after a few hours we had a clear view of what could be used for which room. We also helped with unloading the boxes, and I did a bit of painting too...
It's nowhere near finished, but at least a lot of progress has been made today!

But when we got back home, there was still a big mess to sort out back at home. After dinner, I tackled the enormous stack of dirty dishes, while klik put the finishing touches to the guest room! I'm completely destroyed now...
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