July 17th, 2004



The width of pulses
Gives you a certain color
It varies with time

Thursday, when I got back from work, klik presented me with a package. It was adressed to her, and on the adress label stood "Livejournal.com"... She had ordered a LiveJournal T-shirt for me! \o/
Also, I got my package with the five shirts from ThinkGeek today as well! My collection is, once again, up-to-date with good quality shirts with geeky prints. There will be pictures.

Also, I got PWM to work. I've created a small program that cycles through the 7 * 7 * 7 possible PWM combinations (one per second). It's certainly servicable, but I notice that the colors that utilise pulses with a narrow width give off decidedly less light. Will have to think about that -- perhaps instate a rule that at least one of the colors is always a maximum pulse width. Otherwise, you'd see the panel slowly dimming when another color is shown.
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Haikus or not?

The week of haiku-experimentation has passed. Overall, I'm not too thrilled with the haiku it's produced. So, the question is: should I continue, or quit? You decide!

Do you want me to // Write a haiku every day // Or should I stop now?

Your haikus are crap // You have no talent at all // Please stop forever
Only when it's good // Do not feel obligated // To write a haiku
I like them a lot // Please give us more poetry // Your haiku are good!
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