July 9th, 2004

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My interest list
Could perhaps use some additions
But no, not really

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I have only a passive interest in some of these things (photography, music) -- and I try to make my interest list representative of the things I write about. Some others don't interest me even less (rain, matrix, drawing), and others I'm definately not interested in (yaoi, shounen-ai, vampires). I think I'll keep my interest list the way it is now.
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De Pont

De Pont: modern art
For me, always hit or miss
Today, lots of hits

We went to De Pont, a museum for modern art in Tilburg, together with jangerben. Modern art can have quite a big 'wtf!?'-factor: sometimes there's just things that don't 'speak' to you on any level. Most of the time, it's much more interesting than 'traditional' art: art is always exploring the boundaries of what art is. Uncharted territory, so to speak.

We arrived too early, so we ambled over to a shopping mall to have our caffeinated drink of choice and a quick bite. After a leisurely early lunch/second breakfast, we ambled over to the museum.
Some of the things on display were certainly misses: they had lots of stuff from Marien Schouten, a ceramist that all looked the same, all titled 'Kop' -- sometimes there was a socket, sometimes there was a table, but the basic shapes were all the same. Saw one, saw them all...
But in the side chambers there was lots of interesting stuff: videos from Bill Viola, a chamber with walls covered with green ceramic tiles that really messed up your sense of perspective (surprisingly enough made by Marien Schouten too), and lots of work from Michel François and Anish Kapoor.

The museum is (mostly) one big hall with lots of 'side-chambers' with various installations on display. One of the rooms housed 'One Stone': two pictures of a stone, taken from different directions. These pictures had been blown up to almost life-size proportions and printed on posters. The walls of the room had been completely covered with these posters, and in the middle of the room was a large stack of the same posters. The cool thing was, that you could get elastic bands at the entrance and take a poster with you when you left the museum -- the irony being that 'one stone' had been duplicated so many times and would spread even further via the posters.
There was also a closed door, that a caretaker had to open for you. The room housed an installation by Anish Kapoor. In the middle of the room, there was something that looked like a hole -- or was it? It was completely, pitch black. If it were a hole, there would be some light falling onto the walls of the room underneath. We talked about it, and he demonstrated it was really a hole -- even though he was forbidden to interact with the hole in any way, because the ambiguity is part of the art.
Overall, there were lots and lots of interesting stuff to see: video art, sculpture and concept art. It wasn't too big (thankfully! my poor feet still hurt from wednesday).

Afterwards we went into the Tilburg city centre -- not really much interesting stuff to see, so we left soon.
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