June 28th, 2004



Saturday, we were scheduled to help GX move. Computer would have to be re-connected and stuff like that, so we were present on-site at about 12:00. Together with Stefan I cleaned off all the tables that had already been brought over (something to do with a "clean desk policy", I guess), but there was nothing else to do. So shortly after 13:30, we were dismissed.
klik's parents had bought a new car (a Daewoo Tacuma) that they wanted to show to us -- they would be here at 17:00. But at 15:30, the call came that people were needed at the new office: computers and various pieces of furniture had arrived. So while klik stayed home to clean up a bit, I went back and connected quite a few computers -- including my own, which I put in a better spot than originally intended by the planners. ;)

At 17:00 I was back. My parents-in-law stayed over for dinner (ramen!), and went back home shortly before the soccer game would begin. But while they were leaving, a police-car was cruising around -- turns out we got a parking ticket for "not parking in the designated spaces". Never mind the fact that our car wasn't in the way in any imaginable sense. That was a serious damper on our mood...

Sunday, I had another session of the D&D game. The previous time, we had barely survived a fight with a bugbear (as some of you might recall), so it was time to review our tactics. Help arrived in the form of the local smith who was eager to go with us, and 15 goldpieces of poison gave us two poisoned spears and an array of poisoned arrows. Thus armed, we sought another confrontation with the bugbear. It turns out that he had no missile weapons (other than thrown rocks which were quite ineffective), and his rats were too stupid to keep away from our spears. We only took two hits before the bugbear and his loathsome pets had been vanquished!
We did some wandering of the cavern system beyond the bugbear's lair, but found little of interest (though I managed to snatch a few curious fungi with me), and thus we searched some other part of the dungeon.
The whole dungeon was riddled with holes -- holes that, upon further investigation, turned out to be made by a rock-burrowing fire-worm... Some of us got quite badly burned (though nothing a 'Cure Light Wounds' didn't fix), but we did have to do a little bit of a lie-down before we would advance into (presumably) goblin-infested territory. We made level 3 that evening -- I contemplated taking a level of the Druid class, but the overlap with Ranger is just too big to make it worth my while.
The following morning, we entered the central goblin hall, and sure enough: we were spotted. However, we caught two goblins and slaughtered the rest. We now know what we're up against (somewhat) when we confront the evil gardener downstairs.

When I came back on Sunday, klik was still out cycling with jangerben. The whole parking lot was (again, as is usual for later in the evening) filled to capacity, so I parked the car in a spot where it wouldn't be blocking anything. I gambled that the police would not return after 22:00, but when klik returned, it turns out they did: another ticket.
Now, explain this to me: when someone tries to put your car on fire, the police can't be bothered to actually come to the scene of the crime. If you go to the bureau to file a formal complaint, they look at you with a mixture of wonder and pity: they already know that they will never solve this crime: it's not a priority to them, too few leads, etc. In short: the police is worthless.
But, when some uniform-wearing asshat needs to fill his quotum of tickets, they can cruise around at all times of the night, to give tickets to cars parked where they aren't a hinder to anyone? Even worse, the cars that are parked at the side of the street that gives access to the housing complex, that do hinder the flow of traffic, do not get a ticket, because they are (presumably) parked in accordance with the traffic laws.
Well -- I don't know what their goal is with this, but they are reinforcing anti-social behaviour. Asshats.
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Onno presented us with a set of Kubb for our birthdays. We haven't really had any opportunity to play the game yet.

So... Onno (who is, not-quite-by-coincidence, the team captain of the team that ranked second on the Open Dutch Kubb Championship!) is prepared to come over to Nijmegen, to explain and demonstrate the game to a group of interested individuals.
We can accomodate a maximum of 24 people, so if you're interested in an afternoon of playing Kubb outside in the park (maybe we could combine it with a picknick?), drop a line! We haven't fixed a date yet, we'll see who wants to come and which date is best.
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First day of new office

Today, a lot of people saw the finished office for the first time. A lot of people were wandering the hallways, looking for their colleagues or just seeing what was in each room. Some services haven't been installed yet (watercooler, kitchen, and, most importantly, internet!) but we expect it all to be up and running within two weeks.

It's certainly a tremendous improvement: Much more space (I share my room with 3 people instead of 13!), more professional environment, better room-layout, etc.
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flex brain!

Another electronics project

klik sort-of forced me to order some stuff from The Electronic Goldmine: enough to make a 120-character scrollbar with. greatbiggary bought some alphanumeric displays there, and when I showed these to klik, she was immediately enthousiastic.

So, when the order is delivered, I'll have a lot of soldering to do! It could become a great art/decoration piece -- one could couple it to an RSS reader, or retrieve random pieces from the internet and scroll those, or program it to display poems, or any of the myriad uses one could put a 120-character text to.

Also, I expect the LEDs from the buyer's combination to be delivered tomorrow. That also means I can begin with the design of the decorative lighting panels I spoke about earlier.
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