June 4th, 2004


Danish National Museum

We've been at the Danish National Museum before (almost 3 years ago), but I wanted to re-visit it. It has many interesting exhibits, ranging from the stone age right up to the present day.
We've started at the beginning: the stone age. There's a skeleton of an aurochs ("Oer-os") on display -- it's immediately apparent why the auroches aren't eaten by the sabretooth tigers in the Carassonne:Hunters & Gatherers game! This particular specimen had been killed by human hunters, but had stumbled into a lake -- out of reach of the hunters!

Danmark must have mainly consisted of bog, judging by all of the archeological finds in the bogs. Burial grounds, sacrifical gifts of flint axes and all sorts of other stuff. There are a few very interesting displays, including the coffin of a chieftain's daughter and the "sun-chariot", a bronze model of a horse-drawn carriage with a gilted bronze disc representing the sun.
Then there were the Viking hoards, including lots of hacksilver. The next character I make in an RPG will have all of his/her monetary possessions in the form of hacksilver, because it's just such a charming concept.
There's also the oldest known ship that was built using a certain method on display (or at least, what was left of it), much like the ships in the Roskilde Viking ship museum are displayed. There are all sorts of jewelry and utensils made of gold (roman gold coins made their way to the north, where they were recast) -- most of which were amazingly detailed.
And there is the collection of rune stones, which is quite impressive. Some of these stones tell a little story (most commemorate a fallen comrade or a deceased father or brother), and there are almost always interesting facts about the finding place (some were used to build walls with, others were pavestones!).

We had lunch in the museum itself, and apparently a little choir from Germany was in the museum as well. They had a few beers and then spontaneously started to sing all sorts of (presumably drinking) songs, which was quite amusing.

We also checked out the middle ages and rennaissance exhibits, but by then we were already pretty tired. When we left the museum, we had a pilsør (a Danish sausage roll) on a bench just outside Tivoli. We enjoyed our snack with the hydralic hiss of the rides behind us, punctuated by the screams and yells of the thrillseekers who were subjected to various G-forces in various directions...

We'll be cooking ramen for paultje and Hans this evening. Maybe we'll visit Louisiania tomorrow (think Kröller-müller museum), if it's open. Apparently everything will be closed for Constitutional Day, which is tomorrow...
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