May 16th, 2004



Yesterday, we spent most of the day cleaning the house, because in the evening we threw a party for both our birthdays. If you think of it, it's a bit odd: first you clean up, then youhave a party and in the end you're left with a mess again... Still, we had to do some re-arranging of furniture to accomodate the guests -- and if you take those couches away from the heating-pipes, that's you opportunity to quickly swipe a vacuum cleaner around there!

The party itself was a big success. A lot more people turned up than we had expected -- we had invited a lot of people, and we knew of a few people who would not be there are a few people who would definately be there -- but we hadn't heard of the vast majority of the invitees.
It turned out that the majority of those we had invited did turn up -- the physical invitation must have helped people remember it. So in the end, more people turned up than we had anticipated: the whole house was packed. It was fun though: had a chance to talk to people I don't talk enough with. Towards the end of the party, the beer ran out (we had stocked three crates), but we had enough other drinks to quench the thirst. At the end, I was exhausted -- no more parties until 6 o'clock for me anymore...

We received a lot of wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Some people really put a lot of effort in getting us a gift we would enjoy. This meant, in some cases, that people presented us with things we already had. People felt bad about this, but I thought it was really nice: these people know what we really like, however geeky our tastes may be...
There are two gifts (that we received -- there was a promise (threat?) of gifts still in transit) that stood out. From Onno, we got Kubb, a "party game" to be played outside, with wooden logs. It seems like a very relaxed game that can be played with a cold beer in one hand: sounds like my kind of game, and I'm intrigued by the concept.
The other special gift was a DVD. Gert-Jan, the "auxilary photographing power" of our wedding had also shot scenes from our wedding with his video camera. In the past six months, he has been compiling a DVD of the proceedings. It turned out very well, and it made a very special birthday gift!

I had put the LED-clock up on display, and it drew quite some attention. In the end, I heard Dirk (who is a teacher of English!) explain to other people how to count in binary and thus how to read the clock. :)
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Today, wwe got up late, washed the glasses and dishes and went out to the cinema. The best cinema in Nijmegen (Centrum, for those of you playing at home) holds sunday afternoon screenings. They're always very quiet (apparently 13:30 is not a time most people want to be at the cinema), and the movies are finished at reasonable times so you have an evening left.

So we went to see Troy. Impressive movie.
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If you expect "Illiad, the movie", you'll be dissapointed. It's "based on", not "the movie of". And if they ever make a movie based on the Odyssee with Sean Bean as Odysseus, I'm so going to see it!

We had originally planned to go to the brewery afterwards, but the Red Bull Soapbox Race (which we didn't go to, on purpose) had already finished -- so the whole city was innundated with tourists. And a slight headache was forming, so we decided to call it a day and head back home.
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