January 11th, 2004


Writing course: Cyberpunk!

So, I gave my presentation on Cyberpunk thursday at the writing course. It was a very positive experience. In the beginning, people seemed a bit apprehensive ("It's probably one of those weird books Hein reads").
But after I had read the first few paragraphs of Gibson's Neuromancer, I explained the ideas and structured behind Cyberpunk literature. That is when people seemed to understand that Cyberpunk is literature, with a set of ideas and a message about the human condition.
They liked the piece of fiction I wrote ("Hey, it has all the stuff you talked about!" "Uh, yes, that's because I had to write in the style of Cyberpunk. It's not coincidental." "Uh, right.") and one of the students even came up with a (slightly tangential) theme that is perfectly suited for Cyberpunk. Another wanted to know whether 'The Difference Engine' had been translated into Dutch, and they had to laugh at Collapse )

I'm looking forward to the presentations of the rest.
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Exhausting weekend

Well, this weekend we had nothing planned, so it was going to be a relaxing weekend. Not so -- it turned out to be quite exhausting. I'll be glad if I can sit behind my desk tomorrow and rest a bit. ;)

Saturday morning, when klik was at work, I did the dishes and repaired my bicycle. Then I still felt energetic, so I started to clean out one of the kitchen cabinets. I threw away lots of stuff (biscuits with a by-date of june 2001...) and gave the closet a good cleaning. By the time I had finished, ingiechan came back from work, and my back was aching.
So we relaxed a bit, ate lunch and watched some anime.
But then I had infected ingiechan with the cleaning virus, and she decided we should re-arrange the furniture in the living room. A lot of moving of furniture and cleaning was the result, but we hadn't finished yet when it was time for dinner. After dinner I worked on the Set-program for babarage.

Today, we finished re-arranging the furniture. When you have certain pieces of furniture standing somewhere, you tend to clean around them (because it's too heavy or annoying to move). Lots of dust accumulates, which you find when you move all that stuff around... Let's just say that our living seems more spacious and is now considerably less dusty.

In the afternoon, my dad came by with his computer. He had been fiddling with the BIOS settings, and now it wouldn't boot anymore. Luckily he had brought along the booklet of his mobo, so klik, whose fingers are so much more nimble than my own, set the jumper for resetting the BIOS. After walking through the BIOS to set it all back up again, the stuff booted up.
And that was the only thing that went right. Win98 doesn't like us anymore -- if you open a window, the computer freezes. Well, my dad went back home at 19:45, with a computer that at least booted, but froze up when anything else but safe mode is used.

So we could have dinner at 20:00... And now I'm exhaustes.
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