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New anime

We've checked out the first episode of Loveless. It is set in a world of cat-people(!) where the adults loose their cat-ears when they mature. Main character is Rikka, who experiences his first day in a new school as a transfer student. His relationship with his fellow students is... strained. When school is out, he is approached by Sobi, a friend of his deceased brother. We get some shounen-ai scenes, and it is revealed that Sobi can perform magic when he is with Rikka...
The visual style is like that of Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu no Koto ("Someday's Dreamers"), with the same soft colors and pastel pallette -- which works quite well in the romantic scenes. There's a hint of a darker backstory, and I'm pretty sure we'll be treated to many magical duels along the way as well.

Next was Victorian Romance Emma. The setting is Victorian London, as one could guess from the title. Emma is a maid who has been in the service of an elderly lady since she was a child. The lady used to work as a nanny for a wealthy family, and one day her charge, the young William Jones, comes to visit her. He and Emma encounter eachother over the past few days (not entirely coincidental, I might add), and a friendship and perhaps more starts to grow...
This is one hell of a slow-moving anime. Long shots, slow conversations, lots of detail. "A plot slower than tectonic drift", as rupertdaily would say. I love it -- and it looks quite good as well!

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