December 1st, 2003

SD Fub

The weekend in review

Friday, we went to my parents in Son. My sister and her husband were there as well, and of course they had taken their son Joep (or 'Jub', if you're Danish) along too. They live in Herlev (somewhere close of Copenhagen, Denmark), so we don't get to see them that often. Dinner consisted of fries -- oddly enough, the Danish don't eat fries the way the Dutch do. Instead, they are stuck with pilsur, large hotdogs. Nothing wrong with a pilsur now and then, but it just doesn't make a proper meal. Perhaps there's a huge market here, waiting to be explored by an enterprising individual... Anyway, we were dead tired, so everybody was in bed long before midnight.

Saturday, klik and me went to see Dirk. He plays Barry in my Continuum campaign. A couple of months ago, he moved into a new apartment, but we hadn't seen it yet. Having the afternoon off in Eindhoven made for a perfect occasion (along with some shopping). Sadly, his girlfriend had to work -- we haven't really seen her yet. Well, she was present at the wedding, but we didn't get to talk to her beyond saying 'hello'.
We harassed his hapless neighbour for a bit (mental note: next time, check whether it's 'A' or 'B') and got the grand tour of the apartment. A pleasant time was had, we chatted for a bit about his work and games. Dirk is a teacher of English, and I hadn't realised he had to work as hard as he does. He told us he was in his fifth year of working lots and lots of overtime. Strangely enough, he hasn't burnt out yet, he still has lots of enthusiastic stories to tell. I think this country needs more teachers like him, his stories have given me renewed respect for all those people out there trying to cram some sense and knowledge into the heads of our youngsters.

In the afternoon, we celebrated Sinterklaas for Joep. He had a veritable mountain of presents to work through (like it should be), and after a few tries he had little problem unwrapping them himself. He couldn't yet read his own poems, so that task was delegated to his parents. He liked all of his presents, and he even gave one back: both my parents and me got a fragment of his first ever drawing! I will have to think of a good place to hang it on the wall...

After dinner and after Joep had been put to sleep, we had our own Sinterklaas. We had lots of fun, and we got (and gave!) some great presents. Most notable is Wongar, a game Eric (the proprietor of Moenen en Mariken, a great games-shop in Nijmegen) recommended to us. We got it from Hans and Paula, but of course they couldn't find it anywhere. So we bought it ourselves and gave the package to them so they could give it to us. ;)
In other news: electric break knives are pretty scary machinery... O_o;

Sunday, we went home early in the afternoon and just generally chilled. We also did some pre-assembly for the new computer system. Ingiechan is so much handier with tiny screws than me, so it was good she wanted to help. We assembled the mobo, put the drives in place and installed the two PCI cards. Monday, one of the sysadmins from my work would come over to help us with the final installation (CPU, IDE cabling, power cables and what-not). We want him to spend his time helping us with stuff we can't figure out ourselves, not doing stupid stuff like tightening screws. ;)
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