November 10th, 2003

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The weekend in review

Saturday, xaviar_nl, gertvr and babarage came to visit us. We played two new games: Fist of Dragonstones and the Dutch edition of Munchkin.

Fist of Dragonstones turned out to be a really interesting game. It's by the maker of Machiavelli ('Ohne Furch und Adel'), and it shows. There are no buildings, the whole game is centered on characters. Each character has a certain effect that the person winning that character can invoke. Winning a character is done by bidding on an auction -- the auctions are closed-fist, so you don't know what the other players are bidding until all bids are revealed. Some characters allow you to gain more gold, or to gain a 'dragonstone' (glass tokens, in three colors). Other characters allow you to trade your dragonstones (in specific combinations) for points. The player to score three points wins the game.
There is a core set of 8 characters that are auctioned each turn, but there is a whole host of special characters who make a 'guest appearance', two each turn. Because you have a finite supply of gold (some of which you re-gain at the start of the next turn), you have to be careful what you bid on what character -- the other players may have their eyes on that character as well (if only to prevent you from scoring that last point)!
We had lots of fun playing it, though it did take quite a while before we were up to steam. I haven't figured out the best tactic yet -- the game is rich in strategies.

After dinner (onigiri and ramen), xaviar_nl tried to explain Munchkin to us. The subject matter is fun (dungeoncrawls, and one of the monsters is actually a Dread Gazebo!) but the sheer number of types of cards makes it hard to 'get' the first time playing. babarage was thoroughly bored, I think. We'll have to study the rules some more before we try this one again.

Sunday, I went to Eindhoven for another session of Astrid's Amber Campaign. We started off with a little evaluation of the game so far: which things worked, which didn't, what did the players want to do more or less of? A good, frank discussion was held, and I think Astrid has enough 'ammunition' to make the next 'chapter' a memorable one!
We finished up with Midgard: a bit of logistics, a bit of fighting and a bit of politics -- exactly the right combination, IMO. We kicked the Ice Giants out of Midgard with such a show of force that Loki could not convince the Chaos High Command to start an invasion. New jarls were sought for the fiefs whose jarls had been killed (or went missing), and I oversaw the reconstruction of Alvest, the city closest to Chaosian territory (and the city I had helped defend).
I'm looking forward to the next session, I'm really curious where the Amber Council will send us next.

During dinner, we watched Shaolin Soccer. Really amusing movie! On my way back home, I drove into a police-trap and I had to subject myself to an alcohol test. I hadn't drunk any alcohol, so there wasn't a problem, but two cars in front of me, a family was taken out of their car and escorted to a trailer while an officer parked their car... O_o;
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SD Fub


I ordered two shirts at FreshCotton, an online shirt shop. Both are by D-Cent -- I have the 'D-Cent science' shirt, it's really old, but the print is still fresh and I still wear the shirt from time to time.
I ordered the Bomb Bug shirt and the LP-tronic shirt. I ordered on friday (which meant no delivery costs!), and on tuesday my shirts had arrived! Unfortunately, the Bomb Bug shirt had a hole in the back of the shirt.
klik sent it back on thursday, and today I had a new shirt in the mail -- complete with the postage we paid, stuck some cellotape to a small carton!

Excellent service, excellent shirts. I intend to buy from them in the future as well.
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SD Fub

Editted part 1 and part 2

OK, so I edited part 1 a bit -- it's now lighter on the info-dump, though some of it is re-introduced in part 2. I think it's less dense, because it is described from the viewpoint of Susan.

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Questions I seek answer to:
- Info-dump: clear enough? Too dense, or just right?
- Do the characters 'live'? Are their motivations clear and believable?
- Are the reasons for the conflict between Haru and Susan clear?
- Other comments?
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