October 24th, 2003


Anime Death March ended today!

Tonight, we checked out the last batch of new animes! My audience can release a sigh of relief, because this will be the last review post for a while (at least, until we've finished Genesis Climber Mospeada, which we've started watching today...)

First up was GunGrave. What can I say? An undead stranger, an elderly scientist with a large truck who takes care of him and a young girl whose mother was killed before her eyes. No, these are the good guys -- the bad guys are some sort of maffia ('The Syndicate'), who employ weird humanoids called 'Orcmen'.
Much gunshooting ensues, orcmen are killed, and there are some hints of a Dark Past (or something).
Not interesting, little character development, visual style so-so and horrible rock-like theme songs. Not a keeper.

Second was Hundred Stories, a series set in classical Japan. We meet a young writer who travels through the countryside. He finds shelter for the rain in an old, derelict shop, along with a monk. The owner of the store tells them the story of how the store thrived and of its downfall because of a murder committed long ago. The murder will be avenged before the night is over...
It's meant to be creepy, but it's not really scary or something. The directing is pretty cool: the visuals symbolise the panic the characters feel when confronted by the unknown. It's an interesting change of pace to watch a suspense anime, and the visuals and sound are pretty nice too. One to watch.
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