September 26th, 2003


LiveJournalist Appreciation Day

While I am amused by the various "LiveJournalist Appreciation Day" posts/comments (some of which also directed some praise my way), astute readers of my Journal will have noticed that I have not made any such post. But for me, every day is LiveJournalist Appreciation Day for all of you -- if your Journals would not be interesting, I wouldn't be reading them!

Keep up the good work!
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Writing Course, lesson 3

Yesterday was the third lesson of the writing course. It was, again, a good lesson -- I'm happy I'm doing it.
The first exercise was to pick one of the five senses. I picked 'vision', because I am very visually oriented. Perhaps I should have chosen a difference sense, it might have been a better test. Next, we had to describe someone eating his/her favourite food, with an emphasis on the chosen sense. I chose my mother eating one of my grandmother's pancakes (with a bit of embellishment).

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Next, the teacher talked about the 'symbolic detail'. Very enlightening, and a good technique to use. Basically, the symbolic detail is a single detail that tells the whole story. Think of an item on the TV news, suppose it has rained all summer. They need some kind of visual image to give an example that explains the whole item to the viewers, for instance an ice-cream car that has been innundated by all the rain.
Things like that are symbolic details: they don't show the whole picture, but they do explain what's been happening.

So the second exercise was to describe a symbolic detail of a room where two people live together in harmony. The people themselves are not present at the time.

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Third exercise: describe the symbolic detail for a room (can be the same room) where two people just had an argument. Again, the people themselves are not present.

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Fourth: Do the same where one of the people who lived there has left.

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Reading this and the piece that I did for homework, I find that I have to work hard at descriptions, especially the symbolic details. My writings make things happen, they don't describe that much. Perhaps I should experiment more with this, but unfortunately I don't have time in the foreseeable future to practise some more.
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