September 14th, 2003

SD Fub

Movies & Games

Wednesday I bought Rez secondhand, for EUR 20. Since then, I've been playing this great game. Music, movement and colors swirl all around you, making it a unique experience. The game itself is some sort of a shooter, brought back to the bare elements: you have a targetting visor with which you can 'lock on' to upto 8 targets (some things need more than 8 hits to go down), and if you release the targetting button you start shooting.
There are also 'helper items' which upgrade your figure (meaning you can take one more hit) or the 'auto-target' helper item, some of the things shoot missiles at you, etc.

But that's basically it. And I love the game. I've already nearly finished it, but boy is it trippy! It's kind of short, so probably not worth the full EUR 70, but if you can pick it up second-hand, go for it!

Friday, we went to 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. Fun movie, that, though a bit slow on getting started. It would have been a kick-ass Castle Falkenstein game. If you like Steampunk and you have two hours of free time, go see it.
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SD Fub

Writing practice

In Dutch, because that's what language the classes are given in...

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I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to learn from these exercises... Perhaps triggering our imagination? Perhaps how to describe something? I'm not entirely sure. I think I'll ask during the next class.
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SD Fub

New anime!

Checked out the first episode of two new anime series today.

First was Read or Die, the TV. We get dropped into the action immediately, when an attempt is made at the life of a Japanese author visiting Hong Kong. Her guides protect her, and we get a little peek into the life of an author who hasn't written anything in the last four years.
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Liked this a lot. Visual style is really good, especially considering this is a TV series.
Yes, I know it's already licensed, but apparently that doesn't stop some groups from subbing it. I'll probably pick up the DVD's eventually.

Next was Rumic Theatre. We've tried to watch this before, but the encoding was horrible which rendered the episode unwatchable. Live-Evil also subbed it, and delivers consistent quality, so I got those episodes this time around.
Rumic Theatre is a collection of short stories. I don't think there's a connecting theme, except that they are all from the same manga-ka. The first episode is about a family who has to look after a penguin -- but the apartment building they live in has a strict anti-pet policy! Interesting hijinks ensue as the mother of the family has to keep the penguin hidden from her nosy neighbour!
Liked this too. We get a glimpse of everyday life, mixed with some weirdness. I'm really looking forward to seeing the other episodes too.
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SD Fub

Finished series: Pita-Ten & Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar specials

We finished watching Pita Ten, a 26 episode series by Broccoli.
Central to the series is Kotaro. He gets a new neighbour, Misha, who turns out to be an apprentice angel! Misha starts tagging along with Kotaro and causing all sorts of mischief. Kotaro's friends (Koboshi and Ten-chan) get dragged along for the ride. When the Mitarai family transfers to their school and the really cute apprentice demon Shia starts living with Misha, the chaos is complete.

Bad points:
- Hiroshi and his sister Kaoru (the Mitarai family). They are sooo annoying! (Though occasionally amusing...)
- The repetitiveness of some of the episode plots. Kotaro gets a problem, Misha 'fixes' it for him, creating more problems, Ten-chan and Koboshi help him to fix it.

Good points:
- Character designs are nice. I especially liked Koboshi-chan, with her cat-ears!
- Overall cuteness.
- Some deep plots about friendship intermingled with the inane chaos.
- Great ending.

If you liked Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, you'll definately enjoy this one. I'll give it a 7.

Speaking of which, we also watched the two Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar special episodes. This is also a Broccoli series, and the character designs are really like Pita-Ten's (which isn't a bad thing, mind you).
The two special episodes are a flash-back to Saga's school play. It is set four years after the series concluded. We get to see a little bit of grown-up Saga, Greta and Kanon, which is nice. The specials combine to make a double-length episode with a single story. Recommended if you can stomach the cuteness of the original series.

(Fifth post today! I don't know what has gotten into me...)
(Also, does anyone read these posts? Does anyone care about what anime we watched?)
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