July 6th, 2003

SD Fub

My saturday

Not much happened. We cleaned up the house a bit, then went to see the cufflinks Ingeborg is going to give me for our wedding. They're beautiful, but we wanted them engraved as well. I'm really curious to see what they make of that. I look foward to wearing them in August!
I also got myself a new mobile phone: the previous one broke permanently. I got myself a Sony Ericsson T100. It was "only" 130 euros, so with a life expectancy of one year I'm discarding about 10 euro's a month, which is marginally acceptable. I need to get rid of my subscription though: I don't call that much, so I probably should use prepaids. But I need my subscription to be able to call from Japan, so I bought a SIM-lock free phone (more expensive, but if I switch to prepaid I can just pop in the SIM-card and be done with it).

In the evening, Jan came over and we finished watching Serial Experiments Lain. This is certainly a series that gets better with each viewing, because of all the nuances and fore-shadowing. We also watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky. A good time was had by all.
Ingeborg and Jan then went to "smoke-free dancing". I wanted to join them, but I was completely floored, and couldn't keep my eyes open. Next one is in September, so I'll make sure to go then.

The bread's been finished for over an hour now, but Ingeborg's still asleep. I think I'll just let her, we don't have anything important planned today. Sundays are for sleeping in and doing nothing in particular.

(Oh, and I want to build an RSS-feature into our product at work! Would be really cool to be able to syndicate stuff over sites. I'll talk to my boss about it tomorrow -- we get lots of requests like that.)
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SD Fub


Maybe I should clean my keyboard. If you look at it, you'd think I never wash my hands...

(Or perhaps my cat does all sorts of yucky stuff with it at night, when I'm not there to see what's going on...)
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