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Village of the Bathroom Builders

There has been some progress in getting the house suitable for human habitation... We scraped clean the walls of the two rooms upstairs (the third room is now in use as storage facility for all the gear we're having installed in the bathroom). I have given the ceiling of the hobbyroom a first layer of white paint -- I will have to add at least one more layer to cover up all of the dark blue paint spots around the light fixture...

We've done most of the attic. We removed the ugly storage closet and the "shelving" -- and got lots of space in return. We peeled off the wallpaper at most places (babarage put up a valiant fight in that arena as well!).
The roof-fixing person came by and pulled off the old ventilation shaft. Lots of soaking wet insulation foam and other... indescribable stuff got loose as well. We'll have klik's dad fill it up with insulation foam and just put some board in front of it. The hole in the roof has been closed with two new rooftiles of the appropriate color.

Meanwhile, the bathroom is progressing nicely. Yesterday we realised that the radiator we had gotten was too large to fit in the designated space, so today a shorter one was delivered. With the bath fitted, the dimensions of the granite plate on which the wash basin will stand could be calculated, and the dimensions and places of the appropriate holes determined. We selected a very black granite -- but it might take two weeks to get here. This would mean that the bathroom could possibly not be finished by the time we move in -- we will have to schedule an extra day for fitting the plate, washing basin and the last few tiles...

My mom came to help us, and together we gave the extension the necessary layers of paint. We're (re)painting the ceilings white, and we're going to put a cream-color on the walls. When my mom put on the first layer of cream, we were a bit shocked by the darkness of the actual color -- but when it dried out it gave a really light-but-warm color.
This morning, I have the extension the second layer of cream, and now it's perfect. Tomorrow she'll be coming again, and we'll tackle the office.

I had some discussions with klik about the colors for the various structures in the house (stairway, partition that separates the office from the hallway), which yielded a good compromise.

For those of you who hadn't read his comment on my earlier entry: alypat has pictures here.

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