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The new season has started, so it's time for new anime reviews.

First up: Bokusatu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Dokuro-chan is an angel from the future who lives with Sakura (a guy, by the way). She is sent to kill him before he makes a certain invention, but she has fallen in love with him. She does kill him -- frequently -- but she always uses her powers of resurrection to revive him.
This series is hyper-energetic, violent and completely random. This is what you get when the director of Guu smokes even heavier crack than usual, and ends up experiencing a bad trip...

Next was Erementar Gerad. It's about an apprentice airship pirate, Coud, who encounters a girl sealed away in a coffin, amongst the loot acquired at the last raid. She turns out to be one of the Edil Raid, a race of magicians. The ship is attacked by ninjas, just as a trio of magicians come to claim the girl! Ren, the girl, then 'merges' with Coud and becomes a mighty weapon!
Coud is a boastful idiot, and Ren just falls in love all too easy. Add a bunch of pirates and magicians, and you have another so-so juvenile series.

Next was The Law of Ueki. Ueki's teacher is a god, who passed on his power to make trees from trash to Ueki. When Ueki gets caught up in a fight between a group of yakuza, a big guy and a little kid, he uses his ability to defeat the evil-doers. His teacher sees this, and decides to enter Ueki as his minion in a tournament where all the pupils of all the gods will have to use their special abilities to determine who will become the next head-honcho.
Lots of shouting, lots of punching and fighting... and I just couldn't care. It'll probably turn into a dull tournament series -- a bit like Shaman King, I guess.

Last was Holy Genesis Aquarion. In the future, the world has been ruined and humanity is under attack from the race of 'Fallen Angels'. Only kids who are the reincarnation of people who lived in Atlantis can pilot the mecha which can be combined into Machine Angel Aquarion -- humanity's last hope in the fight against the Fallen Angels.
This is what Evangelion could have been if it had been about the mecha instead of Shinji's navel-gazing. The fight scenes are amazing -- the choreography, the moves, the speed... I'm guessing Atlantis will figure into the story quite prominently, and that could be interesting...
Certainly a series to give a try, if you're not completely allergic to mecha.

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