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Finished series: Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak

We've finished watching Kenran Butoh Sai. My first-episode review is here.

Kenran Butoh Sai is set on Mars -- a Mars covered by oceans, where people live in cityships and rely on dessecants to keep the moisture from destroying their houses and machinery. Technology is pretty advanced, with multi-functional robots known as 'Balls' available for all the dirty work.
Main character is Gram, a carefree guy who scrapes by a living working on all sorts of odd jobs. He gets caught in an attack from the Ship of Aurora, a pirate ship with an unlikely crew. Due to various circumstances Gram gets an RB ('Round Buckler', underwater mecha) and he joins the pirate crew.

So begins a highly amusing tale of pirate mayhem, where the ineffectual Mars Government tries to salvage what they can, where the Mars Independence Movement plots a revolution, and the Earth Forces trying to catch the pirates. Gram is the main character, but he sure doesn't get all the screentime. There are a lot of subplots that Gram is never a part of, and these are still shown in great detail.
The series is fun -- watching it is not a life-changing event, but there is something unique about this series: every single episode is fun to watch. There are no story arcs where the main character engages in intense sessions of navel-gazing, where the whole story just kind of stops. No, the rollercoaster that is Kenran Butoh Sai just never stops.
If you're not extremely allergic to mecha, then you could do a lot worse than watching Kenran Butoh Sai.

Good points:
- Great designs;
- A rollercoaster-ride where the fun just never stops;
- Multiple storylines intertwining;
Bad points:
- Nothing!

I'll give it a 9.

The setting reminded me of the roleplaying game Blue Planet. Like Kenran Butoh Sai, BP is set on an ocean planet that has been colonised in two waves. The planet is held in a firm economic grip by Earth, there's uplifted dolphins and cats, and there is some mysterious mineral somewhere...
Kenran Butoh Sai could very well be used as inspiration for gamemasters who are looking to run a BP-campaign without the tough themes.

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