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The smell of wet wallpaper

Sunday, we had our 'sneak preview'. We've been busy with acquiring this house for six months, so a lot of people were dying to see it. Instead of having them wait for the official house-warming, we invited everybody over for a tour of the empty house. More people came than I had expected -- all in all 20 people showed up. alypat and zolphia, I'm very interested in those pictures you took!
My in-laws came and, while we were chatting to our guests and giving the guided tour, they kept themselves busy with peeling off wallpaper and fixing various light fixtures all through the house.

Today, the builder of the bathroom showed up. He's not as engaged and helpful as M. (the guy we hired) -- but M. keeps an eye on things. I'm confident that things will turn out just the way we want it.
Half of the parts for the bathroom have been delivered. The tiles we had selected were pretty pricey, but if you calculate the price per kilo, it's much more reasonable... Man, those things are heavy! klik couldn't lift more than 8 tiles at a time, and we had a whole pallet full of the stuff...
We spent the rest of the day peeling off more wallpaper. I suspect tomorrow is the big day for large-scale drilling in the walls for the pipes, which would mean we can start painting by wednesday...

My feet are killing me now. I don't think I've ever spent so much time on my feet. Perhaps we need to take more frequent, shorter breaks...

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