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The previous owners of the house were very enthusiastic people, with lots of plans and ideas. Unfortunately, they had so many ideas that they seldomly finished one project before they started the next one. Which means lots of things about the house are quite nice -- but they still have to be finished.
Case in point: the laminate on the floor. The previous owners never laid those tiny wood blocks between the wall and the laminate, which means that if you stamp on the floor for a bit, the planks move.
Another thing is the halogen spots that are built into the lowered ceiling. They are all driven from one transformer (a tiny robot in disguise!) -- and the longer the wires are, the dimmer the spot is...
The good thing is that in principle, everything is pretty decent, we just have to finish it.

This morning, the roof-fixing-guy came by. He is going to remove the 'exhaust' of the old kettle (because it isn't in use anymore), and close the roof up again. He couldn't get the right color rooftiles today, so he'll be swinging by monday afternoon.
Also, klik installed provisory lighting fixtures in pretty much every room. While she was doing that, I demolished the bathroom. We thought the plastic panelling was fugly, but the 'painted' tiles that we discovered underneath were even worse!
We also started on the walls downstairs. We closed the (tiny) cracks in the wall with kit and removed nails and screws from the walls and filled the holes with special hole-filling-stuff.

On monday, the bathroom-building-guy will start work. Amongst others, he will have to drill trenches for the various pipes to get water where we want it. This will undoubtedly give off lots and lots of dust -- we don't want to be painting or doing the wallpaper when that happens. We'll have to schedule it so we'll be busy sanding off the woodwork of the windows or pulling off the old wallpaper.

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