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Tomorrow, we're getting the house. I'm excited, even though it's nothing more than signing a few papers, really.

One of the things we'll have to tackle is the wiring. We're a pretty wired house: we have cables going to and fro, mostly from and to the computers. I don't want to switch to completely wireless, because of speed and interference issues.

Every saturday, there's a market in the city centre. And often, there's this stand with lots and lots of electronic knick-knacks. I've scored cheap wallwart adapters there in the past, as well as various cabling. We went through the baskets, and we found a crimping tool for only 1/5th of the regular price! I also bought 100 meters of UTP cable and some extra RJ45 connectors cheaply on Ebay, so now we're all set.

I couldn't help myself, and made a small phone cable -- I wanna play with my new toys!

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