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...was pretty fun, if somewhat overheated.
We left for Utrecht at about 11:00, because Ingeborg wanted to do some shopping for clothes at a store there. We both ended up with a new shirt. ;)

After that, we went to Bjorn and Gert, to play boardgames, together with Catelijne. B&G had gotten their cat, a cute little rascal they named 'Arnie'. We didn't play too much games: most of the time was spent talking and playing with Arnie.

I got really tired at 22:30, so we left (sorry folks, we'll finish that game of Pictionary sometime in the future) and Ingeborg drove the first part of the journey home. I stayed awake to guide her onto the motorway and then I fell fast asleep. I did get to drive the last part home, but much later than we had agreed upon: apparently I was so fast asleep that Ingeborg decided to let me rest up.

Now it's not even 10 AM, and I'm already wide awake, while Ingeborg is still asleep...

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