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New anime

We've checked out a few new animes recently.

First up: Magical Canan, a magical girl series with a lot of ecchiness.
In some idyllic fairy-like land, some seeds are stolen. Those seeds are taken to the Human World, where they could do untold damage! A young man is sent to Earth, to recover the seeds! However, he turns into a fuzzy ferret-like creature who can't communicate with the natives!
He ends up in the girls' dressing room of Chihaya's middle school. After a chase scene (shot from the animal's perspective, of course!), Chihaya takes him home as a pet. What follows is an extended bath scene, and then the monster of the week appears. Chihaya is transformed into a magical girl, and the ferret turns back into his fairy form! Time for Chihaya to use her magical attack to defeat the monster...
Well, we can already fill in the rest of the series -- the ecchiness might be a plus for some, but we'll give this one a pass.

Next was Damekko Doubutsu. The episodes are only about 5 minutes long. It's about a forest where only misfits live: a clumsy cheetah, a loser wolf who gets beaten up by a rabbit and a near-sighted eagle. The designs are amusing (the animals look like people in furry suits) and the situations are also pretty fun.
With such short episodes, it's a fun series to watch in between washing the dishes!

Finally, we saw Magical Beans Pandalian. Basically, there's this donut-shaped world inhabited by... panda's! Unknown to the natives, the world is doomed to be destroyed, unless the seven magical beans are brought together! A fox is sent in a space-pod to the world of Pandalia. However, his pod is abducted by a reptile-like creature, which signals the beginning of a live-televised chase!
It's cute in a children's sort of way. As such, we've decided to skip this one as well.

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