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Finished series: Madlax

We've finished watching Madlax. My first episode review is here.

Madlax is a secret agent, operating in Gathz-Sonika, a country torn apart by a bloody civil war that has been raging for the past 12 years. Meanwhile, in Nafrece, Margaret Burton is a rich girl living in an estate with her maid Elinore.
At first sight, they have very little in common, but when Margaret's neighbour Vanessa gets caught up in shady dealings in Gathz-Sonika, the two girls are fated to meet -- exposing the real motivations behind the civil war.

Twelve years ago, Margaret lost her mother in a plane crash over Gathz-Sonika. When she was found, she had completely lost her memory and was clutching a book written in a strange alphabet. It turns out that this book is 'Secondary', the second book in a 'trilogy' of sorts.
Enfan, a shady organisation that manipulates information, is after her book. They instigated the civil war -- they even supply each side with weaponry (aided by Bookwald, the company Vanessa works for).

You see, the three books together open a gate to a 'new era'. Twelve years ago, 'Fliday Monday', the mask-wearing head-honcho of Enfan, tried to open the gates too -- and Margaret wandered onto the scene, setting the events of the next twelve years into motion...

Madlax is the second coming of Noir. Madlax has the ruthlessly efficient killer, a shady organisation and a set of mystics who 'oversee' everything that goes on. The designs and music are comparable.
But Madlax goes beyond Noir. The cast is padded out with 'non-combatants' who have likable, genuine personalities. The story is deeper and (to me) makes more sense and is more engaging.

Good points:
- Nice sesigns;
- Nice music;
- Engaging story.
Bad points:
- Takes quite a lot of time to get up to speed.

If you liked Noir, you'll love Madlax. I'll give it a 8.5.

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