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Squeeze == frauds?

"Take it to the bridge
Throw it overboard
See if it can swim
Back into the show
No-one's in the house
Everyone is out
All the lights are on
And the blinds are down"

As part of the on-going excavations of our apartment (I sometimes imagine us like that garbage lady puppet from Labyrinth), klik uncovered a stack of singles. It turns out that the turntable on our stereoset is still in working condition, which prompted playing a few singles.

The text above is the chorus to Squeeze's song "Hourglass". Try singing it a few times, as fast as you can, without making a single mistake. Don't stop to breathe, because you'll be too slow. Then repeat that five times back to back.
I strongly suspect foul play on the part of Squeeze -- perhaps it's a (set of) sample(s). Has anyone ever see them perform this song live!?

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