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PICs, glorious PICs!

I got in another shipment of PICs -- this time via a buyer's combination. 10 pieces of 16F628A (the 18-pin PIC that I use in all of my projects to date) and 10 pieces of the 12F675. I'm especially excited about the 12F675 -- it's an 8-pin IC (and thus very tiny), and it has 6 signal leads. Which means I could drive a single RGB-LED (3 leads), connect it to an EEPROM containing a color cycle (2 leads) and a button to skip to the next program (1 lead). With the small footprint of the 12F675, I can use it in much smaller places too!

Because this was a buyer's combination, we got volume pricing from Microchip. A 16F628A is about 3.50 at my usual source, but because we bought 392 pieces at once, I only paid 1.45. And, as you all know, I like to do my electronics development ghetto-style, I could not pass this up!

Sorry, no photos of the PICs, because two tubes of 10 DIL-ICs each just don't look that inspiring on a photo...

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