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Yesterday, I got up at 06:00 (an hour earlier than normal), and at 06:30 jangerben arrived. We got in the car to go to Eindhoven, to haul furniture from my dad's office to our respective houses.
You see, my dad is closing his office, and he has lots of furniture there that he needs to get rid of. And he had asked us whether there was anything we wanted -- he had sent pictures, and when we went through them, jangerben was here and expressed interest in quite a few bits. We took it easy with 'only' the four-drawer archival case and a closet with four drawers, but jangerben went to town and chose quite a few bits of kit.

And so, we arrived earlier than my dad (apparently the traffic jams were not as bad as he had feared that early in the morning), and by 08:00, we were clearing out stuff. We had a trailer, and after an hour we were joined by a 'menneke' my dad had hired to help him clear out the office. After fiddling a bit with the giant desk, and creatively stashing it all into/onto the trailer, we (me and jangerben) set off towards Nijmegen. I hadn't previously driven with a trailer, so that was a rather nerve wracking experience -- I didn't know what to expect. But the trip to Nijmegen turned out to be quite uneventful.
We unloaded the trailer, first at jangerben's house (where we somehow managed to get the giant desk in his top-most room -- though the stairways didn't escape unscathed) and then at our house.
jangerben had to be at the university in the afternoon, so after a quick lunch we said our goodbye's and I went to Eindhoven again, with an empty trailer.

I met up with my dad again, and together we brought the trailer back to the owners -- friends of my dad that we used to visit very often when I was 4 or 5. I hadn't spoken to them for maybe 7 years, and it was a tiny bit awkward, but also fun in a way. It's hard to catch up on such a long time within half an hour.
At 15:00 I got into the car again and rode back to Nijmegen for the second time. I took a much-needed shower, and lazed away the remaining time.

Also, we're watching Madlax right now. It's another "Kajiura-anime", and it made me dust off .hack//Infection. I levelled up for a bit, and now I could progress into the story-line because I could beat that dungeon on my own this time around.

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